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3 Young Contemporaries: Sharon Chin, Lena Cobangbang & Angki Purbandono
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press release

3 Young Contemporaries is VWFA's annual exhibition to introduce 3 emerging artists from Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region. The aim of this show is to seek out fresh approaches and highlight the many ways in which young artists are shaping responses to contemporary experience and pushing the possibilities of current practice.

This year's 3 Young Contemporaries are:  Angki Purbandono (Yogyakarta/Indonesia), Lena Cobangbang (Manila/Philippines) and Sharon Chin (KL/Malaysia). All three artists are making a name for themselves in their respective home countries. Apart from their individual art practice, they are also agile multi-taskers, often involved in other projects, working as writers and managers or committed members of an artists' collective or space.

Their works are charged with tensions and provocations borrowed from the streets and popular culture. From issues of identity, history, displacement, mobility and space, they each bring with them stories about their respective environments expressed through a range of media as various as painting and drawing, digital images and video, found object installations, embroidery and many more. 
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