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CABINET: Art Around 1K (USD)
10 Dec – 23 Dec 2008
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press release

Valentine Willie Fine Art is pleased to present our year-end show entitled "CABINET: Art Around 1K (USD). The exhibition concept takes after the souvenir cabinet of the average Malaysian home, which is a storage space and display shelf of all momentous experiences in our lives.

Similarly, by showcasing an emerging generation of artists that translate their individual experiences into their artworks, we hope to create in the gallery space a ‘cabinet’, filled with souvenirs, trophies, objects that signify the richness of our experiences. 

Cabinet is the fist step in recognising the immense plurality in regional art practices, acknowledging that some of the most exciting new generation of artists no longer only paint but also work with other mediums, such as installation, video and photography. 

Participating artists include, Avroco, Meme, Nona Garcia, Tan Seihon, Liew Kwai Fei, Umibaizurah, Saiful Razman, Chang Yoong Chia, Rahmat Haron, Melissa Lin, Mun Kao, Shahril Nizam, Ise Parkingproject, Wimo Bayang, Nizam Abdullah, Erna Dyanty, Chong Kim Chiew.

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