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Paintings For All Ages / Paintings with Extended Space
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press release

Paintings For All Ages / Paintings with Extended Space: New Works/Concepts by Liew Kwai Fei, features eight works of acrylic on paper. Kwai Fei’s new concept revisits basic visual language of space, form, colours and shapes. Using painting as a medium, Kwai Fei explores inventive ways to escape the common two-dimensional format.

Utilizing only a piece of paper for each work, he manipulates its shape and size to create extended spaces and three-dimensional forms within the confines of the paper’s initial form. Objectively, these works are made to explore other creative directions of fundamental visual language through its process, with the aim to make art accessible to everyone.

His playful arrangement of colours demonstrates how they are perceptive when painted against different tones. Multiple colours painted onto a black or white background show the immediate change in contrast, as shown in Day & Night / Black, White & Colours.

The manipulation of dimensions in pursuance of extended spaces within its confines is seen in The Boat / Red & White Irregular Shapes whereby the original form is deconstructed by tearing the paper to reveal its white texture beneath the red painted surface. The torn pieces are then carefully reconstructed into a completely different shape.

The artist further explores the relationship between texture and colour as displayed in Roadscape / Black & White Line. Originated from a rectangle sheet of paper, the work is formed by the act of continuous tearing in a spiral direction while using acrylic resin sand medium to create a deep-heavy texture on its surface.

The works are deliberately titled in such a way where one spells out the physical form, which can be recognised through its shape while the other spells out its literal significance. By merging visual language and art fundamentals, the artist hopes to establish a concise approach to create a more simplified understanding of visual art practice.

This exhibition was made possible with the support of No. 19 Jalan Berangan and Palate Palette.
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