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Popok Tri Wahyudi: BERGERak
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press release

Popok Tri Wahyudi’s works in his first Malaysian solo exhibition are stories about commuting, travelling, human mobility and migration. Presented in a wide range of media, from paintings and drawings to woodblock prints, silkscreen on canvas and mini sculptures, these bittersweet and sometimes macabre narratives negate the glamorous images of the jet set that one may associate with travel ¬–when people wined and dined and slept on bunk beds and were charmed by the allure of flight stewardess. Instead, his work narrates the grittier realities of travelling ‘cattle class’, locally and internationally, in the 21st Century, particularly in the context of Southeast Asia.

Popok’s vivid colours, simple forms and comic style compositions are powerful storytelling devices that can be easily accessed by his audience. Popok’s comic inspired work is very much rooted in the everyday. They address the socio-political issues of Indonesia’s charged environment through social satires and an inimitable brand of ‘Jogja comic style’, characterised by thick black outlines and bright bursts of colours, stylised depictions of human figures against part dystopian part science-fiction settings.

Exhibition runs from 15 - 30 July 2010 at
The Annexe Gallery
2nd Floor, Central Market Annexe, Kuala Lumpur
T: 03 2070 1137
Opening hours: Mon - Sun: 11am – 8pm
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