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Singapore Survey 2010: Beyond LKY
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press release

Curator’s Notes

No other living politician dominates his people and his country like LKY does. Except of course Kim Jong Il and Robert Mugabe. But whereas North Korea and Zimbabwe are ranks as two of world’s poorest countries, Singaporeans ranks as one of the richest. All in a lifetime. LKY must be doing something right !! For Singaporeans, LKY has always been there and seemingly will be there forever more
But the reality is even gods pass on

For our Singapore survey this year, I wanted to prod Singaporean artists to contemplate a future without LKY. To consider it now and not wait till that dark day. I am certain the machinery of governance are well prepared for that eventuality but are the heartlanders ?

I am often asked what exactly is it that an art curator do ? First and foremost, we pose questions. Oftentimes these are esoteric questions or even questions of semantics. We asked our favourite artists to consider these questions. We know too that there is no right and wrong answers and that there are many answers and there will be even more questions. For this show,I wanted to invite senior artists like Tang Dawu, Jimmy Ong and Zai Kuning who live lives LKY would not have approved and would probably consider as failures. None has a HDB.to their name. But I also wanted to invite younger artists whose lives have been less defined by LKY and more by new technology. Most of works are created specifically for the show and we can sure there will be some very interesting answers forthcoming

Valentine Willie


The Minister as Muse, Newsweek, October 15, 2010:

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