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Mariano Ching & Yasmin Sison : COLLIDOSCOPE
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press release

Celebrated Filipino artists Mariano Ching and Yasmin Sison present their latest bodies of work at Valentine Willie Fine Art, Singapore. As husband and wife their personal relationship naturally influence their practices as individual artists through connected discussion, response and shared family life. However far from confessional the exhibition instead shares their constructed visual theatres of tension and struggle through intricate details and emotional undercurrents that interrogate science fiction, fear, abjection, romance and distopia/utopia dichotomies. Yasmin Sison presents large-scale paintings of children at play and in struggle against forest backdrops. From an involved parental perspective and curious observer positioning, Sison reveals the lives of children that in turn symbolise adult anxieties through her characteristic style of haunted painterly elegance. In response to his wife’s work, Ching meticulously burns surreal images of animals and imagined worlds onto geometric wooden panels combining pulp illustration with Japanese katakana characters and post painterly abstraction. Depicting the reclaiming of nature on decaying man made detritus, his entropic vision responds and contrasts to the sensual and dramatic tableaus of Sison’s visual drama of myth making and myth breaking. Presenting paintings, drawings on wood and installation, the exhibition presents a collaborative conversation of man-made, natural and abstract subjects and styles by two of the Philippines most dynamic artists.


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