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龍婆缝衣 | First Arts Council by Tang Da Wu
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press release

龍婆缝衣  |  First Arts Council  by tang da wu


Valentine Willie Fine Art, Singapore

6 - 28 August 2011



龍婆缝衣  |  First Arts Council  is a new installation work by Tang Da Wu, featuring contributions by Pan Jia Ding, Zai Kuning and Jeremy Hiah.


A house with transparent walls: in it are a chair and the figures of two children. There is a bundle of drumsticks; the chair is encased in perspex. One child appears to be dancing whilst the other is squatting. A large-scale painting of a woman sewing clothes hangs on the wall. The “glass” house is bracketed by drawings of the children wearing clothes sewn by the woman, and by drawings from the three contributing artists.



死了, 他们都死了, 好惨, 一个

自杀, 另一个悲伤憂鬰而死。


这个世界, 没人听, 没人看, 没人

感觉到, 竟然忽略了他。


看了墙上这些画, 我决定再试一试,

让世界的人再看一看,  於是, 带了这




"Dead, they are both dead.  Such tragedies - one had killed himself, the other died of sorrow.  This world has not had a chance to see, listen nor feel. It has been indifferent and has neglected his existence.


Yet the walls are still full of these paintings wanting to be unveiled. 
I must give another try, not lose hope, need to give this world another chance.


With this in mind, I shall return to my mother's home with what I have left.  I shall return there with these paintings and our 4 year-old son…”




*Notes:  A special website to document the exhibit will be launched on 5 August 2011. Kindly visit the website at www.vwfa.net/tangdawu

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