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Singapore Survey 2012 - NEW STRANGE FACES
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press release



Singapore Survey 2012


curated by Valentine Willie


10 August – 2 September 2012


Featuring works by

Alan Oei, Alecia Neo, Ang Song Nian, Eugene Soh, Genevieve Chua, Godwin Koay, Green Zeng, Hong Sek Chern, Jason Wee, Jeremy Hiah, Jimmy Ong, Kai Lam, Lee Wen, Loo Zihan, Michael Lee, Shubigi Rao, Tang Mun Kit, Vivian Lee, Wei Leng Tay, Zakaria Zainal, and Zhao Renhui


The word “foreign” has in the past 12 months become the most used and abused word by Singaporeans, whether in private conversation or mainstream printed and online media. Who are the foreigners? Filipino OFWs working as domestic helpers who have been in the country for ten years? Or Western expatriates sitting in corporate offices on three-year contracts? Perhaps, we should ask instead, who qualifies as a Singaporean, or even, can foreigners become Singaporean?


Urging Singaporeans to accept immigrants, even as he acknowledged, “many Singaporeans are not comfortable seeing so many new strange faces”, Lee Kuan Yew, speaking at a Lunar New Year celebration this year said Singapore’s biggest challenge is its aging population in the face of falling birth rates. Continuing, he says, “Less young people means less sales of new cars, new stereos, new computers, new I-phones, I-pads, new clothes and fine dining. It’s a choice Singapore cannot afford to make. Like it or not, unless we have more babies, we need to accept immigrants.”


In this climate of uncertainty, what is the Singaporean response to these ‘new strange faces’? VWFA Singapore’s annual Singapore Survey show asks this complex question aiming to stimulate conversations around ‘the foreign’. How do attitudes of inclusiveness versus that of ‘othering’ effect the changing face of the country?




Currently in its fourth year, the Singapore Survey serves as a ground to expose and promote the works of Singaporean artists. Conceptualized by Mr Valentine Willie, the exhibition explores the different facets of the country’s identity through the coincidence of diverse themes and patriotic ideals. The aggravation of these necessary conversations regarding the past, present and future of this small island, allow audiences to question their own views on the history and development of the nation.


Singapore Survey 2012: Strange New Faces runs from 10 Aug – 2 Sept 2012 at

Venue:                       Valentine Willie Fine Art, Singapore

Address:                    ARTSPACE@Helutrans, 39 Keppel Road

                                  Tanjong Pagar Distripark, #02-04, Singapore 089065

Telephone:                +65 81331760

Email:                        vwfa.singapore@gmail.com

Website:                     vwfa.net/singaporesurvey2012

Gallery Hours:             Tue - Sat  11am to 7pm.  Sun 11am to 3pm.

                                   Closed on Mondays and public holidays


* The exhibition website will be launched on 8 August 2012.

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