(b. 1984) Samsudin Wahab majored in printmaking, graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor (Hons.) Fine Arts from UiTM, Shah Alam. He regularly exhibits paintings in group shows in Malaysia, and in 2008 held a solo entitled Enough! in Kuala Lumpur. In 2009, Samsudin was granted the Rimbun Dahan 15th Australia-Malaysia Visual Arts Residency, which culminated in an exhibition of paintings and sculpture, and a performance piece. Samsudin was also a 2009 winner of the Malaysia Emerging Artist (MEA) Award.

Samsudin Wahab’s art is a mixture of fantasy and reality, a unique and highly personal interpretation of truths. Usually in paintings, but sometimes in sculpture or performance, Samsudin’s imagination is mixed with current affairs - drawn from his daily habit of reading newspapers - and treated in sepia and monochromatic tones true to the colouring of the artist’s own dreams.  In particular Samsudin concentrates on issues of conspiracy, social power, and governmental control over the masses. He admits he is spurred by an escapist’s love for mafia films and television series such as Prison Break, and probably also from his childhood in Semanggol, Perak, where he was first exposed to politics and where he became a Prefect Librarian in order to gain access to books. Samsudin works at a self-imposed fast pace to remain contemporary, yet he consistently achieves incredible range of content, conceptual depth and a signature dark-edged ‘toony atmosphere whilst delivering his account of global political events.